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Why "Uf U Devo"? Uf u devo is a Swiss German expression and means literally translated "up and away".

We are currently living in Bern, the capital of Switzerland. It’s a rather small, but gorgeous and well-connected city. During summer you can swim down the Aare river with its clean turquoise waters. Many locals take an inflatable boat up the river with the train and spend an afternoon floating back down to the city.

Whenever we take a break from work/studying we love travelling around the world, experiencing new cultures and exploring magnificent landscapes, our cameras always at hand.

Wherever we are, we are always curious to find out what is behind the next hill/top. We do not mind walking a bit longer or waking up in the middle of the night to catch the best light.

During the last 8 years we’ve been to a lot of places (see Journeys). This page is to keep track what we have done, share some of our pictures and memories with you and help you plan your next adventurous journey.

Luckily also our home country, Switzerland, has a lot to offer, especially for nature lovers. On sunny weekends we often hike somewhere in the Swiss Alps.

We will continuously add new travel blog posts and galleries. So stay tuned and follow us on Instagram.